3 Benefits Of Boarding Your Pet Over Hiring A Sitter

Taking a vacation requires a lot of planning, but one of the most important things you need to account for are your pets. Every pet is different and you need to take their personality into account when choosing whether to bring your pet to a boarder or hire a sitter. Boarding your pets often offers more options than hiring a sitter does, and can offer your pet a better experience while you’re away.

Expert Care

While there are many different options available when it comes to luxury in boarding, the one constant is expert level care for your pets. When you board your pet, you can rest assured that in case of emergency, staff are well trained and capable to handle the situation quickly. Another benefit of boarding is having peace of mind that there’s staff available from sunrise to sunset. With sitters you can’t always be sure your pet has a watchful eye on them during the day, but when you board, you know that someone will always be around to make sure your companion is happy and healthy.

Social Stimulation

Along with expert care, a huge advantage to choosing a boarder is knowing your pet will have plenty of play time. Often, sitters don’t provide enough physical and social interactions with your pet to keep them stimulated and happy. Most pet boarders will have amenities such as a large yard or even a pool which allow your dogs to stay active and tucker themselves out for a good night rest. While dogs get to run and swim, cats get to enjoy the luxury of climbing towers and winding walkways. For cats and dogs alike, older and non-social pets receive more personalized care including cuddles and personal beds.


While many boarders offer special additions which can raise prices, pet boarding can oftentimes be more affordable than hiring a sitter. Kennels typically offer fixed rates, whereas most pet sitters charge by visit which can really ramp up costs. If you’re working on a budget, pet boarding is the way to go, to get the most bang for your buck.

Keep all of these benefits in mind the next time you go on vacation and have to decide between a kennel or a sitter. We offer large dog boarding, small dog boarding, and cat boarding!