Providing the Same Loving Care for Your Pets
That We Provide to Our Own

Advantage Pet Center offers the best in Boarding, Doggie Daycare, Grooming and Training. We have large, open-air play yards that encompass almost one full acre. All of our staff members are completely and passionately in love with animals. Thus, every dog and cat that boards here is treated with the utmost care and love.

Located in the Heart of Pinellas County

Advantage Pet Center is located at the very center of Pinellas County. It is only about 5 minutes from I-275 and is generally not more than 30-minutes from even the most peripheral Pinellas County locations. We are approximately 20 minutes from South Tampa and the Tampa International Airport.

From your dog’s perspective, it is all about the play-yards and the indoor/outdoor air-conditioned runs. Five fabulous, run-like-the-wind yards support the wild antics of large dogs, small dogs, shy dogs and gregarious dogs. Each dog gets the correct level of interaction appropriate for their individual personalities. We also provide the dogs with two swimming pools, a large climbing and digging mount of clean fill dirt … and the list goes on and on. Our larger doggie guests have 24-hour access to the outdoor portion of their runs and can bark all they want.

We Offer Much More Than Other Pet Care Facilities

From your cat’s perspective, let’s just say that our royal quarters are a must, and we do dish up delight for your feline prince or princess in our Cat Boarding Facilities.

We know animals, and we know how to give them what they want and need. We want the time that they spend at Advantage Pet Center to be fun and relaxing. We distract them with fun and distractions, so that they do not spend their time feeling lonely or isolated. Instead, it is fun galore. Come take a tour today!