When it comes to picking a dog boarding and grooming facility for your pet, it really helps to visit the facility and check out what they offer, even if that means doing so virtually. You can’t really appreciate how well your pets are going to be treated until you see the accommodations they’ll enjoy. Some facilities actually don’t encourage visits because they don’t have the best equipment or the most comfortable places for your pet. Not so at Advantage Pet Center – we LOVE it when people visit, because they can’t get over how awesome our place is! Whether you’re leaving your pet for just a few hours or for a few weeks, our philosophy is that your pet should feel like they are on vacation – every second. That means comfortable, temperature controlled sleeping accommodations, plenty of exercise, lots of human interaction, lots of love, and lots of play!

We realize it’s not always easy to get over to visit us, so we’ve put together a bunch of photo albums and video galleries here on our website so you can visit with us online. Once you do, we feel confident you won’t ever want to board or groom your dog or cat anywhere else!

Video Gallery