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Doggy Day Care: Is It Right for You and Your Pup?

posted on September 18th, 2015 by Big Sea
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Is Doggy Day Care For You?

If you recognize any of the following scenarios, then Doggy Day Care is for you.

  • You have been at work all day, and your dog has been home alone.
  • You left him loose in the house and the level of destruction upon your return makes you cringe.
  • You left him in a crate all day to avoid destruction, however when you return home, he is going crazy, racing around the house, doing flips, jumping up; all because he has so much pent up energy.
  • You love him dearly and it will break your heart, but you are considering giving up your dog because you just cannot handle all of the energy and craziness.
  • You would love to own a dog but don’t because you are just so busy you feel that you could not be a good ‘dog parent.’

rotator2All of the frustration, destruction and craziness can end immediately for you and your dog by simply enrolling your pup in Doggy Day Care.  Here is why it works; while you are at work all day, your dog can be playing with her dog pals, wearing herself out and having a great time.  At the end of the day your home will be destruction free and your dog will be calm, relaxed and content to lie quietly at your feet or in your lap.

You are one of many who work long hours and are feeling very guilty about leaving your dog at home all day, bored, sad and lonely.  Doggy Day Care can relieve your guilt completely!  Once you see how excited he gets as soon as you pull up to the Doggy Day Care facility and how much easier he is to handle when you take him home, you will be ecstatic and wonder why you didn’t consider it before.  Your dog will actually “have a life” of his own and you can go to work knowing she is in good hands.

Doggy Day Care also expands the breeds and mixes that you can consider owning.  If you are living in a condo, apartment or a house with a tiny yard, you might feel that you can only own small, lower energy dogs — even though you are really a big, high-energy dog person who loves Labradors. As you know, larger high-energy breeds are more active and require more exercise than walking on a leash a couple of times per day. By utilizing a Doggy Day Care facility with large outdoor play yards, you can have a big (or little!!) active dog and allow her the energy outlet he really needs.

rotator1If you are reading this and wondering if this option may be a good one for you, go and check out the various Doggy Day Cares in your area.  Try several of them out for a few weeks and see what you think, you have nothing to lose.  You may find that Doggy Day Care truly improves the quality of life for both you and your dog!