6 Tips For Bathing Your Cat

Cats love to be clean…but they don’t typically love to be bathed! Fortunately for them, those rough tongues and pointy teeth are designed for meticulous self-cleaning and pruning. Ever seen your cat gnaw or bite down on themselves as they clean? This is how they get rid of matted fur and general dirt. Let’s face it, your average feline would … Read More

Which Dog Breeds Need The Most Grooming

Short-hair, long-hair: which breeds need the most time on at the salon? Oh, my sweet pup. Your once elegant, shiny locks are a just a little neglected. You can’t see out of those overhanging bangs, and you are literally a repository for every twig and candy wrapper in the park. And that all-over-body-fro must make you feel like you are … Read More

Grooming Accessories For Cats And Dogs — Even The Most Discerning

That straight-out-of-the-grooming-shop feeling: fresh, clean, and ready for the world! For every day fur finesse, you can now bring home our pet grooming tools and help your pets look their best. You will find the same quality products your cat or dog enjoys during our grooming services – their favorite shampoos and brushes, and even those fabulous bows and bandanas. … Read More