Top 5 Best Pets for People With Allergies

Just because you have allergies, it doesn’t mean you can’t live life with a furry (or hairless) companion. In fact, did you know that pet hair itself is not an allergen? Dander, urine, and saliva are the main causes of pet allergies, and they can be carried on pet hair (where dust and pollen can also catch a ride!). The … Read More

Are You A Good Cat Owner?

Cats may require less of a commitment than than their canine counterparts, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need love and care. Like all domesticated animals, they need proper attention and care to live a fulfilling nine lives. Ask yourself these questions right meow to find out if you are a good cat owner! Do You Visit The Vet And … Read More

Doggie And Kitty “Have And Have-Nots”

In today’s world, the gap between the “have and have-not dogs and cats” is widening like never before. Today, dogs and cats are taking the place of children in many young families, and more and more “empty nesters” are doting on their pets now that their children are grown. The dogs and cats fortunate enough to be owned by these … Read More