Our Favorite Pet Friendly Desserts

If you’re anything like us, the best part of any meal is the dessert. Whether it’s a hearty bowl of ice cream or a chocolatey piece of fudge, the after meal treat has us licking our lips. We’re not the only ones eyeing our dessert though. While we indulge on sweets, our four legged friends watch intently waiting for a … Read More

Signs Of Heat Exhaustion In Dogs

We all love to spend the hot, sunny Florida days outside with our furry companions. Whether taking our friends to the best dog parks around, on a walk, or just playing fetch in the backyard, remember that even the healthiest pet can suffer from heat exhaustion. Keep your best friend safe by ensuring they stay cool and comfortable outside. How … Read More

Healthy Hounds: 4 Signs Your Dog May Have Addison’s Disease

Addison’s disease occurs when the adrenal glands (the tiny glands that sit just on top of each kidney) stop producing hormones. Since these hormones are critically important to a host of bodily processes, Addison’s is a serious concern for both people and pooches. While there are no true “warning signs” for the disease, there are some factors that can contribute … Read More

Healthy Hounds: Holiday Foods To Avoid

The holidays are upon us and they’re always a great time to enjoy family and friends, of the canine and human variety. This time of year brings people together around delicious seasonal foods and drink, and while you may be tempted to let your pup join the festivities, it could result in an avoidable trip to the vet’s office. So … Read More

Healthy Hounds: The Dangers Of Distemper

Understanding the diseases that can harm your pet and the vaccinations that will protect them is an important part of responsible pet ownership. As pet parents, most of us don’t pay attention to what are pets are being vaccinated against. We thought it be interesting to research the common dog vaccinations, and share the results with you! Each week, we … Read More

Healthy Hounds: Leptospirosis – To Vaccinate Or Not To Vaccinate?

This time on Healthy Hounds, we are discussing Leptospirosis (commonly known as “Lepto”), which is a potentially deadly bacterial infection in dogs. We feel that it is especially important to discuss this infection, as the vaccination is not always routinely given by Florida veterinarians. You, as a conscientious dog parent, should be informed about this disease and its risk factors, … Read More

Healthy Hounds: Great Ways To Exercise Your Dog

This time on “Healthy Hounds,” we discuss the importance of exercise for your furry friends, and some great ways to exercise your dog. When it comes to your four-legged friend one thing is certain, she needs exercise! A dog who doesn’t get enough exercise can seem to change personality, get antsy, destructive and even aggressive. So getting them out and … Read More

Fact Or Fiction: Is Pet Health Insurance A Must?

As good pet owners, we work very hard to provide the best possible life for our pets–the best living environment, the best food and … the best veterinarian care. However, no matter how well we care of our pets, sickness and/or accidents are inevitable.  Annually, one in three pets will become injured or sick. Although veterinarians can do great things, … Read More

Healthy Hounds: Common Foods That Poison Dogs

This time on “Healthy Hounds”, we talk about some of the common foods we may love, but are poisonous to your canine companions. This isn’t a very cheery post to write as no one likes to think about the dangers facing their dog. However, your dog shares your home, they may have the run of the kitchen and, you may … Read More

Healthy Hounds: Eliminating Fleas And Ticks

Welcome to Florida … we have fleas and ticks! However, on the positive side, we have some very effective means of controlling these pests. This time on “Healthy Hounds,” we delve into the not so wonderful world of flea and tick issues. If you are on flea and tick control now, and it is working for you; congratulations, you are … Read More