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Fact or Fiction: Tail Wagging = Happy Dog

Dogs are just like people in the sense that they have a variety of emotions, but unlike people, dogs aren’t able to articulate their feelings through words. That leaves them with body language, like tail wagging.

We tend to interpert a dog’s tail wagging in one of two ways:

Through research, scientists and veterinarians have discovered that a dog’s body language is not that simple. There are several variations on tail language that can help you to better understand what it is that your dog is trying to communicate.

Here is a quick guide on what it is your dog is trying to tell you:

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  1. “I’m the boss! Don’t mess with me.”
  2. “Seriously, don’t mess with me! I will bite you!”
  3. “Look at me, wagging my tail. I’m the best dog, ever!”
  4. “Whatever. That don’t impress me much.”
  5. “I’m a little weirded out by you, so I am going to growl until you leave!”
  6. “Leave me alone, I’m eating…geez!”
  7. “It was totally me that made that mess. Please don’t be mad!”
  8. “I can’t decide if I should run and hide, or go into hero dog mode.”
  9. “You are definitely the top dog here…I’m not even going to pretend otherwise.”
  10. “Seriously, you’re the boss!”
  11. “Since you don’t believe me, I will bow down to show you that you are in charge.”

Now you know the secret language of tail wagging. Pretty cool, huh?