Are You A Good Cat Owner?

Cats may require less of a commitment than than their canine counterparts, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need love and care. Like all domesticated animals, they need proper attention and care to live a fulfilling nine lives. Ask yourself these questions right meow to find out if you are a good cat owner!

Do You Visit The Vet And Keep Them On A Healthy Diet?

All pets, and humans for that matter, should receive annual checkups. Checkups make sure that all the bells and whiskers are working as they should be. Keeping up with with shots and flea, tick, and heartworm medication is vital for their health and well-being. Make sure to trim their nails too, as they’re the main claws of scratches on your arms and fur-niture. When it comes to food, avoid by-products, grains, soy and corn proteins, and don’t overindulge them. Feed no more than twice a day and stick to the same feeding schedule.

Do You Keep Their Litter Box Clean?

It’s no secret a dirty litter box smells less than enchanting, but the smell isn’t the only problem a dirty litter box presents. If their litter box is unclean, your cat might find another location to handle their business, perhaps your shoes. If you have more than one cat, make sure to have multiple litter boxes. Put a paws on unwelcome surprises and make sure to scoop out your litter box(es) litter-ally once a day!

Do You Stimulate Them Mentally And Physically?

Cats are natural born predators and share many of the same su-purr-erior characteristics with larger, wilder felines. Satisfy those predatory instincts by opening a window so they can watch the birds and rodents. Bring out their inner lion with enrichment toys that make them hunt for their food, which makes them happier. Spend some time each day playing with your cat and leave toys out for them to grab and play with at their own leisure.

Do You Discipline Your Cat Correctly?

If your cat belongs on the show “My Cat From Hell,” you probably need to rethink your discipline strategy. Don’t punish your cat like it’s a child, cats don’t respond to punishment the same way humans do. In fact, certain punishments, like shouting or hitting, will just make the behavior much worse and the relationship you share could become a cat-astrophe. When your cat is acting out it might be because it’s bored and wants attention and to be played with. If you must discipline your cat negatively, stick to ignoring them and not giving any treats. They’re not dogs and won’t react well to the same discipline techniques.

If you can answer all these questions paw-sitively then you’re a great cat owner, and we aren’t kitten about that!