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Photos - Check Out Our Happy Visitors, Staff & Facilities!

Big Dog Yard

Our biggest play yard is almost 1/2 acre in size.  It has a large open grassy area, a dirt mound for climbing and digging, and large trees for shade.  We can play ball and Frisbee with the dogs in this yard.

Notice all of the dogs running around and having fun in these photos! Notice that they can get out there and run full speed!

Waterfall & Wading Pool

Dogs have a great time splashing around under the waterfall and biting at the running water.  The pool is very safe, as it is only about 18 inches deep and has sloping sides with no sharp drop-offs. The dogs can get rather wet and sandy, don’t worry, we clean them up before they go home!! Notice how much fun the dogs in the photos are having, as they splash around and get all wet!!

Small Dog Wading Pool

Small dogs have their own little concrete and flagstone pool that also has sloping sides and is about six inches deep. They have a lot of fun going in after tennis balls and lounging on the concrete deck.

Notice how happy and content the little dogs look as they frolic in and around their pool!

Small Dog Play Yards

Our smaller dogs have their own play yards, totally separate from their larger counterparts.

We do this for safety. Because as sweet as lots of are large dogs are, they don’t realize that they need to be gentler in their play than they do with dogs their same size.

The “Bedrooms”

Our large and small dog runs are total separated from one another. Notice that the small dog rooms have ceramic tile, little beds and are very cozy. As you can see from the first photo, some of the runs surround an indoor play area.

For the large dogs, the indoor-outdoor runs provide lots of space. They are 5′ by 6′ on the inside and 5′ by 8′ on the outside. They are fully climate-controlled and the dogs have 24 hour indoor-outdoor accessed via doggie doors.

The Cats

The cats have their own kitty condos separate from the pesky dogs. The cat condos are floor to ceiling little rooms with four levels. The cats can jump from level to level and they also like to climb and play on the grid-work condo doors. For older kitties, we have the kitty tree houses. They are up high, the way cats like it, are on two levels and have ramps that go from one level to the next. Our cats get a lot of attention as well. Notice how content they look while getting petted.


Our grooming staff totally loves animals, and it shows with the smiles on their faces!! As you can see by looking at the doggie faces, some love to be groomed and others…well…not-so-much!!

Our Team

Our accommodations and equipment might be first rate, but the thing that sets Advantage Pet Center apart from everyone else is our caring and highly competent staff. Browse this photo gallery to see our staff in action as they care for, play with and dole out tons of love to our wonderful furry clients!

Doggie Cameos

Just like the staff members, some dogs are camera shy, and others ham-it-up. Here are some of our all-time favorite shots.

Customers & Their Pups

Happy pets mean happy owners! We invite you to browse pics of happy pet parents and their furry kids.

Our Office

From our pleasant, welcoming “Check In” Room, to our luxurious doggy and kitty boarding suites, Advantage Pet Center is all about making your furry kid’s stay fun and super comfortable. Visit this photo gallery to take a tour of our offices and see where the people who love your pets as much as you do work on a daily basis!