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Dog Parks

Pinellas County has many wonderful dog parks. Even the smallest and most basic dog parks in Pinellas County are outstanding by national standards! These parks are great for providing your dog the opportunity to run around with other dogs and with you at the same time. They are an excellent place for you to meet other dog-loving people.
Although every last one of these parks is terrific, we have noted the ones that we considered to be outstanding.
We have compiled, what we think is a complete list of dog parks. If we by any chanced missed a park, please call us at 727-743-2459 or e-mail us at We are also interested in any feedback that you can provide regarding any of these parks, as we are always striving to improve our descriptions and make our list more complete and user friendly! Also, if we did not notate a park as being outstanding, but you think it is, then please let us know.
Please enjoy this list, and by all means, make use of it!!

Parks with Water Access

Abercrombie Park (An Advantage Pet Center Special PICK)

Abercrombie Park is located in the City of St. Petersburg on the west side of Park Street, just south of Tyrone Boulevard. It does not have the greatest signage, so look carefully!
Abercrombie is somewhat of a local’s secret. Abercrombie is an “unofficial” dog park within the City limits of St. Petersburg. The “dog people” who have dogs that are totally off-leash trained, who ALWAYS come when called have taken over this park. Non-dog-friendly people simply stay away from this park now. There is no fencing, so do not bring your dog here if he/she does not come when called! For the extremely well trained and mature dog only, this is a wonderful place to come. Make sure you bring your own pooper-scooper bags, as none are provided at the park. This park’s aura is so wonderful, that it feels magical. It has lots of shade and room to explore nature. It has a wonderful, very-rustic beach area on Long Bayou (between Cross Bayou and Boca Ciega Bay). The dogs can go in the water and swim to their hearts’ content. It is a long narrow park, so that the area where the dogs play is far removed from the road. However, it is bordered by very heavily wooded swampy areas, as well as residential areas. Consequently, we cannot reiterate enough, Do not take your dog here if he is not perfect about coming when called!!
If you enjoy the old Florida quiet unspoiled rustic areas with serene atmospheres and native vegetation, than it is worth driving some distance to visit this park.

The Belleair Beach Causeway

The Belleair Beach Causeway is located by the City of Belleair Beach and connects to the mainland via West Bay Boulevard. This dog beach is readily accessible for folks in the Belleair Beach, south Clearwater, Largo, Belleair Bluffs, Indian Rocks Beach and Clearwater Beach.
Dogs are permitted on this causeway beach in the City of Belleair Beach. This is a great, fun place for OFF LEASH TRAINED DOGS ONLY!! A major word of caution, it is near a busy road, so your dog really must be perfect off leash. Even if you have to keep your dogs on a leash, it is still a great place to take ’em!!

Ft. Desoto Dog Park (An Advantage Pet Center Special PICK)

Ft. Desoto is a wonderful, huge park at the very southernmost tip of Pinellas County, in the City of Tierra Verde. It is natural Florida beach area at its finest. The dog beach is a must for all Tampa Bay residents and visitors traveling with their dogs!! If you are visiting our area, you really need to put Ft. Desoto on your list of things to see and do.
Ft. Desoto actually has both a dog park and a dog beach. The park is totally fenced, with a small dog area and a large dog area. The beach is more open, and you need to have a measure of off-leash control if you want to use the beach area. Fees to use Ft. Desoto Park are $5.00 and tolls to get there are approximately $1.50, exact amount depends on where you are coming from. The beach is well-worth the cost, however.

Honeymoon Island (An Advantage Pet Center Special PICK)

Honeymoon Island is by the City of Dunedin at the end of Causeway Boulevard. West-bound Curlew Road turns into Causeway Boulevard just before it crosses over to the beach.
Honeymoon Island is a magical place, where the natural beaches and islands have been preserved. It is a wonderful way to experience old Florida. The dog beach is absolutely beautiful. It is certainly one of the very best in the entire United States. Every Pinellas County dog owner and visitor traveling with their dog must come to this dog beach at least once!! The dog beach, however, is not fenced and leash-laws do apply. For the most-part, however, dog-owners with off-leash trained dogs are not keeping their dogs on leashes. You must watch for the County Forest Rangers patrolling the beach, though, as they will fine you if they catch your dog off leash. People seldom get fined, though, because other dog owners up the beach yell “Ranger” when one is approaching, giving you time to get your dog back on a leash! DO NOT even consider breaking the rules by taking your dog off leash unless he or she is very well trained.

North Shore Park (An Advantage Pet Center Special PICK)

North Shore Park is located in “The Pier” area of downtown St. Petersburg on Tampa Bay. It is by the Vinoy Park and world-famous Vinoy Hotel. Specifically, it is at the northeast corner of North Shore Drive and 7th Avenue.
It is worth making a long drive to come here if you have a very social, water-loving dog! This is one of the best dog parks in the county. After your dog is done playing, you can take yourself to lunch at one of the numerous nearby restaurants in St. Petersburg that have dog-friendly outdoor seating areas! If your dog really likes people, let him “strut his stuff” on Bayshore Boulevard, by the shops and restaurants, and numerous people will stop to pet him.

Tom Stuart Causeway

Tom Stuart Causeway is located by the Tom Stuart Bridge, which connects the mainland from Bay Pines Boulevard to Madeira Beach, Redington Beach and Redington Shores, Treasure Island and St. Pete Beaches.
This is an on-leash area that is loved by many. More of a locals spot, this is also a great place to bring your dog if you are visiting one of our more-southerly beaches.

Parks in and NEAR St. Petersburg WITHOUT Water ACCESS

Chase Park

Located in the City of Gulfport, it is on 54th Street, South of Gulfport Boulevard South. It is sandwiched in a very residential area, and is with walking distance for many.
Chase Park has a quaint little dog park, ideal for locals. It is shaded, relatively small (but certainly large enough for your dog to get up to a full gallop!!) compared to some of our parks. This is a great park if you live close by, but not worth a long drive.

Coquina Key

Coquina Key Park is located on Coquina Key at Locust Street and Kingfisher Dr., St. Petersburg.
Coquina Key Park is a nice little quaint park. If you live close by, this is a great place to go. It is not worth a long drive, however.

Kenwood Dog Park

This park is located at 401 20th St. N in St. Petersburg. It is at the west side of I-275, right across from I-375. It is also right on the Pinellas Park Trail.
The dogs have this 3-acre park all to themselves. It is heavily shaded, but is very noisy as it is located at the freeway overpass. Nice little City of St. Petersburg park, but not worth the drive if you don’t live nearby.

Lake Vista

Lake Vista Park is located in the beautiful, historic Pinellas Point neighborhood, within the City of St. Petersburg. It is at 1401 62nd Ave. South.
Lake Vista is a lovely St. Petersburg park with a very large dog park area. The dog park abuts a child’s play area, so this is a great place to come with kid-loving dogs. The park is on a pretty little lake, so there are nice on-leash walking areas as well.

Central County Parks (Largo, Seminole, Pinellas Park, and the northern part of St. Petersburg)

Boca Ciega (An Advantage Pet Center Special PICK)

This Park is located at 12410 74th Ave. (Old Oakhurst Rd) in the City of Seminole. It has a huge amount of frontage on the intercostal waterway.
Boca Ciega is a beautiful-heavily foliaged park, backing up to wet lands and the intercostal. This is a nice place to walk you dog ON leash when you are done with the off-lease fun at the dog park. This park was chosen as a special pick not so much for the dog park itself, but because the rest of the park provides such great on-leash walking areas. The dog park encompasses 1.5 acres.

Eagle Lake

Located in the City of Largo, it is at the southwest corner of Keene and Belleair Roads.
This is Pinellas County’s newest park, located very close to Advantage Pet Center, right in Largo. The dog park is very nice, and Eagle Lake has beautiful nature paths where you can walk your dog on leash as well. This newest Pinellas County Park is worth a moderate drive.

Freedom Lake Park

This park is located on the east side of the Hwy-19 and 49th St. intersection in the City of Pinellas Park.
Freedom Lake is a nice little shady park in the City of Pinellas Park. It is a very pretty park, as it overlooks the lake. It is within close proximity of Advantage Pet Center. This is a very nice park to go to relax and give your dog lots of sniffing area. This is a great park for the locals, but not worth a long drive.

Northeast Park

Northeast Park’s location is really more Largo than it is Clearwater, even though it has a Clearwater address. It is at 4630 Easy Bay Drive on the north side. It is ½ way between 66th Street and Belcher Road.
Northeast Park is in the City of Clearwater in a very densely populated area. It has rather poor signage for a park, so if you are heading over for the first time, watch the road closely or you will miss it! This is a nice, little long and narrow dog park, great for ball-throwing. Northeast’s dog park is very conveniently located for a very large population base. It’s great for those living close-by, but not worth a long drive.

Walsingham (An Advantage Pet Center Special PICK)

This huge park is accessible from either 102nd Ave or Walsingham Road. It is between Ridge Road and 131st Street South, by the Cities of Largo and Seminole.
Walsingham is arguably the most well-known, largest and most-frequented park in Central Pinellas County. The park itself has 360+ acres, and the dog park is at least three total acres (divided between small and large dogs). This is the place to go if you have a dog that simply LOVES other dogs, as there are always plenty to play with, almost anytime that you go. As with several of the other parks, there is also great areas to walk your dog ON leash.

Walter Fuller Park

It is in a very historic residential area known as Jungle Prada , within the City of St. Petersburg. The park is sandwiched between Tyron Boulevard and Park Street South.
Walter Fuller is a nice little friendly dog park in St. Petersburg. The dog area has lots of trees for shade, and the area surrounding the dog park provides a nice area for on-leash walking as well. Although this is a great little park, it is not worth a long drive.

Beach community Parks (With no Beach Access)

Indian Rocks Beach Nature Preserve

This quaint dog park is in Indian Rocks Beach, one of our more centrally-located Pinellas County beach communities. It is at 1st Avenue south and Gulf Boulevard. The park is directly across from the beaches and in the Nature Preserve.
This is a great little park for beach locals and those of you vacationing with your dogs, and staying at or near the beach. This park is breezy and shady, but also with plenty of open areas. A word of caution to our visitors, though, you are not allowed to take your dogs directly onto our beaches.

Sand Key Park

This beach park is located at 1060 Gulf Boulevard in the Sand Key area of Clearwater Beach. It is just south of the Sand Key Bridge. This bright sunny park is right at the beach on Sand Key. Although there are not a lot of shade trees, you always have more of a breeze than with the inland parks. There is no beach access for dogs, however.

City of Clearwater and City of Dunedin

Crest Lake Park

Crest Lake is located at Gulf to Bay Boulevard west of Keene Road, specifically at 201 South Glenwood Ave., Clearwater.
Crest Lake Park is a lovely City of Clearwater park with a very charming doggie park. As with many of the county parks, this park also has great on-leash areas to explore with your dog. The park has no lake access for dogs, but you can walk him near the lake when you two are finished playing in the dog area! This park is worth a moderate drive.

Enterprise Dog Park (An Advantage Pet Center Special PICK)

On Enterprise Road, just West of US 19, this park is very easily accessible for many area residents.
Enterprise is a very interesting and different kind of a dog park, also located in the City of Clearwater. It consists of an agility course and an eight foot wide fenced, looping path that has heavy vegetation on both sides. Essentially, it is an off-lease doggie nature trail! A word of caution, this park does not have a separate small dog area. Additionally, because this park has so much wooded area, that little dogs can totally disappear under the foliage! It is best for dogs that are fairly well-behaved off leash. They don’t have to be as good, however, as they do for the afore-mentioned Abercrombie Park. For the right dog (well behaved and comfortable around all sized dogs), this is a fabulous place!! This park is chosen as a special pick because of its unique nature.

Happy Tails Dog Park

This park is at 3051 Garrison Road in Dunedin. It is located in the northeast quadrant of Keene Road and Solon Avenue.
The dogs have this 2.5-acre City of Dunedin Park all to themselves. It has large open areas for ball-throwing, and tables in the shade for break times! This is a nice little park for the locals, not worth a long drive.

North County Parks

Anderson Park

Anderson Park is at the far northern end of Pinellas County in Tarpon Springs. It is hilly, grassy and on the water. The dog park is very nice and enjoys a good reputation. However, unless you live in the northern part of the county, it is probably not worth the drive.


Chestnut Park is at 2200 East Lake Road in Palm Harbor and is adjacent to Lake Tarpon. This park is very natural, has over 350 acres and is teaming with wildlife. This dog park is very beautiful with many trees for shade. Additionally, this park has nice areas to walk your dog on-leash. It is definitely worth a moderate drive to come to this park.