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Pet Supplies

Although many places sell pet supplies, in our opinion, these are a few stores that stand out from the crowd. We have dealt extensively with these three, and have always been very pleased.
If any of you have a favorite privately-owned or small-chain pet supply store, please let us know. We will investigate and possibly add it to our list. You can call us at 727-743-2459 or e-mail us at

Pet Supplies Plus

We personally know the owner of the two local stores. His name is Dave and he is a wonderful person. The knowledge and friendliness of the staff is tip-top. They have a great selection of food as well as supplies, and both stores are immaculately clean. They also have a small fish and aquarium department.

Largo Feed and Park Feed

Both these stores have the same owner, Adam. Advantage Pet Center has known Adam personally for over 15 years, ever since Ann first bought the kennel. Both stores are great, but have completely different atmospheres. Largo Feed is HUGE with an amazing selection of supplies and foods. Park Feed is smaller and more rustic, but also with a great selection of premium foods. The staff at both stores is very customer service oriented and very knowledgeable about the products and food that they sell. Both stores also sell horse and garden supplies. They both have vaccination clinics, every other Saturday.