When it is time to add that new dog or cat to your family, we hope that you will consider adopting an animal in desperate need of a home, from one of our local rescues. We personally have worked with, or know of customers who have had successful adoptions from the following rescue groups. At these rescues, the pets are thoroughly screened for health related problems and are treated (or being treated) prior to being put up for adoption. You will be informed prior to your adoption of any ongoing medical problems. Additionally, because most of these animals have lived for a time either in a foster family’s home, or in a very hands-on shelter environment, the rescues pretty much know each dog’s personality. Consequently, they are in a good position to help you pick out a dog that is a “match” for your home environment. Also, these organizations keep their operating costs very low. Therefore, you will know that the adoption fee is essentially a well-placed donation that goes primarily to animal care and vet bills.

Mixed-Breed Shelters And Rescues

Hillsborough County Animal Services

Because of the rural, outlying nature of much of Hillsborough County, it takes in many more dogs and cats than it can possibly find homes for. The animal over-population problem in this county is dire and the euthanasia statistics are heartbreaking. If you adopt from Hillsborough County, you are absolutely saving a life.

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The Humane Society of North Pinellas County

This wonderful shelter is filled with many mid- to large-sized dogs. Although they sometimes have puppies and pure-breeds, this is the place to go if you want a solid, healthy mix breed dog or cat ranging from about 10-months to 8 years. This is a very hands-on environment, were you get to view and play with a lot of dogs all in one place. Given that this shelter only takes in owner-surrenders, you can get background information about their dogs. Additionally, if you are looking for a companion for your existing dog, you can bring your dog with you to see first-hand how he interacts with the various shelter dogs. You are then in a wonderful position to adopt a second dog that will fit in really well with your first dog. This organization also gives a great deal of medical attention to sick and injured strays. Therefore, you will know that when you support the Humane Society, you are assisting in the care and treatment of many animals in need. Advantage Pet Center volunteers it’s grooming services to the Humane Society.

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Lost Angels

This rescue specializes in older, smaller dogs. They take in dogs that would otherwise be euthanized by the kill shelters. Our owner Ann’s significant other is a volunteer with this organization. Lost Angels takes in dogs that area shelters have been deemed unadoptable, either because of age, health concerns, personality, or physical deformity. Lost Angels provides these dogs the medical care and love that they need, and then works very hard to find these special dogs the special homes that they so desperately deserve. When you adopt from Lost Angels, you will know that you have really done a social good deed, and you will end up with a wonderful little dog that really appreciates and needs you.

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Pet Pal Rescue

“Pet Pals” is also a shelter environment where you can see many dogs at the same time. Because of the overcrowding at the county shelters, Pet Pals serves a major need by taking in as much of the dog and cat overflow from the various county shelters as it possibly can. All of the Pet Pal animals are thoroughly temperament tested and provided extensive medical treatment, if needed, in their new state-of-the art veterinary care facility. This is a wonderful facility run by wonderful people. Advantage Pet Center was the prototype that Pet Pals used in the construction of their facility.

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Pinellas County Animal Services

Don’t forget our local county-run shelter. Our shelter takes in tens-of-thousands of dogs and cats per year. They pick up stray dogs that have been deserted on the streets, animals confiscated from bad owners, as well as many owner-surrenders. The unfortunate fact is that this is the end-of-the-line for many of these dogs, as the shelter is forced to take in more dogs than it can possibly find homes for. Pinellas County Animal Services is most definitely NOT a no-kill shelter. Therefore, when you adopt from Pinellas County Animal Services, you are truly saving a life. As with the SPCA and Humane Society, Animal Services is a great place to go for mid- to large-sized mix breed healthy dogs, ranging from puppies to about ten years. Small dogs get adopted extremely quickly and are reserved for senior citizens. Pure breeds also get adopted rather quickly.

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Shih Tzus and Furbabies

In spite of their name, this wonderful organization specializes in small dogs. They often take in lots of pups at the same time, as the work closely with municipal Animal Services departments when mass quantities of dogs are removed from puppy mills or animal hoarders. Consequently, Shih Tzus and Furbabies tend to have a wide mix of ages and breeds. Given the situations that they come from, many of these dogs need extensive veterinarian care, not to mention GROOMING!!! Advantage Pet Center donates our grooming services to this rescue and also sometimes helps to care for their dogs.

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This superb shelter is the ideal place for adopting healthy mix breed dogs or cats ranging from 10-weeks to 8 years with generally good temperaments. This shelter only takes in owner-surrenders; and for the most part, people mainly turn over whole litters of puppies and kittens, as well as middle-aged medium to large-sized dogs. Although they often do get pure-breeds and small dogs, these dogs tend to get adopted the quickest, so you pretty much have to be at the shelter within a day or two of a purebred’s arrival. One of the big positives about adopting from the SPCA and other large shelters is that you can see large numbers of dogs at the same time. Additionally, lots of background information is often available, as most of the dogs are owner-surrenders. The SPCA allows you to bring your existing dogs with you and allows interaction between your dog and the potential adoptees. Thus, you can be generally confident that the two dogs will get along before you finalize your adoption. This organization also gives a great deal of medical attention to sick and injured strays. Therefore, you will know that when you support the SPCA, you are assisting in the care and treatment of many animals in need.

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Breed-Specific Rescues

Beagles: Southeast Beagle Rescue

Specializing in Beagle and Beagle mixes Run by a wonderful man named Jack. Jack has been working in rescue for over 20 years. He knows beagles inside and out. When you adopt a dog from this organization, you will know exactly what you are getting as far as personality and health. Advantage Pet Center helps by caring for some of their dogs when a sufficient number of foster homes are not available.

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Beagles: Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue

Also specializes in Beagle and Beagle mixes This rescue is large and always has many dogs up for adoption. You really get a lot of beagle and beagle mixes to choose from when you deal with this organization. Advantage Pet Center helps by caring for their overflow of dogs, when foster homes are not yet available.

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Dalmations: Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay

A wonderful organization filled with wonderful volunteers. They will help you pick out a Dalmatian or Dalmatian mix dog with the perfect temperament for your home environment. Dalmatians are beautiful, flashy dogs that can be very sweet and also very spunky. They have lots of personality. All of the Dalmatian Rescue dogs have received top-notch veterinarian care. Advantage Pet Center helps by taking in dogs occasionally, when the need arises.

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German Shepherds: Tampa Bay German shepherd Dog Rescue* *This address is temporarily not working, but you can get at the website through Petfinder. Do a search for the rescue, then chose the Petfinder link. Or copy the Petfinder link above. Run by a wonderful woman named Diane. Our owner, Ann, has known Diane for many years, and Advantage Pet Center has boarded many shepherds that came from Diane. Again, all of the adoptive parents have had very good things to say about Diane.

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Great Pyrenees: Florida Great Pyrenees Rescue

If you have lots of space, love really big dogs (near and over 100 lbs.), and want a dog that gives lots and lots of affection, you should definitely consider Great Pyrenees rescue. These wonderful people tend to have a difficult road to hoe, because of the size and exercise demands of their rescues. However, if you do have the space, these dogs are WONDERFUL!! Don’t worry about the thick long coat in Florida, because they can be successfully kept shaved short. Additionally, as compared to many other long and thick furred breeds, their coats are relatively easy to brush and comb. Advantage Pet Center has done foster work for this organization.

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Greyhounds: Gold Coast Greyhound Adoptions

This rescue specializes in both older, retired dogs that have actually been racing dogs, as well as younger dogs that did not actually make it to the track (they weren’t fast enough!) Because this rescue takes a non-adversarial attitude with the breeders and track operators, they have access to many dogs, and therefore so do you. Although, we have had no direct dealings with this rescue, we have boarded many greyhounds that have come from this rescue. All of their adoptive parents have had excellent things to say about this rescue.

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Labrador Retrievers: Labrador Rescue

For local information, please send e-mail to [email protected] Currently Labradors are the number one most popular breed in the United States. The local branch of this Florida organization is run by a wonderful woman named Pat. She has been involved with this breed for so many years that she knows labs inside and out. This organization will help you pick the perfect dog for your home environment. You can check the website for dogs that might interest you, fill out the application, and then call pat directly at 727-834-9908 if you have any questions. Advantage Pet Center helps by taking in dogs when foster homes are not available.

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Miniture Pinchers: Mini-Pin Rescue

Advantage Pet Center has known some of the biggest movers and shakers in this organization for many years. Lots of the Mini-Pin foster dogs have come to doggie daycare at Advantage Pet Center over the years. This is a wonderful, ethical organization that always has a large variety of mini-pins varying from young and rowdy to old and sedate. However, these are mini-pins we are talking about – so they also have old and rowdy dogs!

Siberian Huskies: Husky Haven of Florida

Husky Haven of Florida is an all volunteer run rescue for Siberian Huskies. All rescue dogs are pulled from high-kill shelters, evaluated, vetted, spayed, neutered and microchipped before being released for adoption. They usually have between 5 and 10 dogs available at a time. To find out more, or to fill out an application for adoption (or fostering), or to donate to their cause, visit their website.

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