Advantage Pet Center is a full service boarding and grooming facility for cats and dogs in the Pinellas County area of Florida. We are easily accessible from Tampa, St. Pete, Tarpon Springs and all areas in-between! Founded by Ann Stewart, a loving and caring woman who has devoted a large portion of her life to the care of animals, Advantage Pet Center is staffed by highly skilled, well-trained, kind and loving people who have also chosen to make animal care their career.

Advantage Pet Center offers boarding services for dogs and cats. Dogs are split by size and temperament and enjoy tons of play time and HUGE outdoor play yards, complete with swimming pools and waterfalls! Cats enjoy multi-level boarding areas with tons of petting and human playtime. Animals are watched closely at all times to make sure they are as comfortable as possible and to be sure they are thoroughly enjoying themselves. We can even accommodate special needs pets. Be sure to contact us directly to discuss any special needs your pets may have.

Dog Boarding

Whether you’ve got a big, loveable pooch or small and vivacious pup, the Advantage Pet Center has the perfect place for them to stay! Our boarding facilities were designed to ensure your pet has a comfortable, exciting experience while they’re in our care! With clean suites and plenty of room to run, dig, or test their doggie-paddle in our wading pool, you can trust they’re going to have a barking good time!

Doggie Daycare

For folks that need to leave their pets in daycare, we have a doggie daycare and kitty daycare programs that are second to none. You can relax all day long knowing that your pet is being cared for like he was at home – maybe even better! Our daycare visitors enjoy tons of human love and tons of playtime. Lots of our pups don’t even want to leave when it’s time to go home each day. We’re pretty sure that’s the best testimonial, ever!

Cat Boarding

There’s no question about it, feline guests at Advantage Pet Center are given the ultimate royal treatment! With luxurious, 4-level kitty condos, elevated walkways, and windows for bird watching and sleeping in the sun, your cat is going to have such a great time they may not even notice you’re gone! Pair that with lots of attention from our staff and you’ve got one purr-fectly satisfied kitty!


We also offer grooming services. Our groomers are some of the best in the area, and we know this because the word-of-mouth business we get in our grooming department is unmatched in this area! Whether your pet needs a simple bath or grooming for a special occasion, or even for a dog show, we can accommodate your pet grooming needs.