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Doggie Day Care - Hours of Quality Fun Time!

It’s All About having a GOOD TIME

Doggie Day Care at Advantage Pet Center

When your dogs come for day care, they will play with our dog-loving staff and fun-loving dogs. Your dogs spend their days chasing balls, running, swimming in our pools, roughhousing, barking and just being dogs! When you dog goes home at the end of the day, he will be tired and happy!!

Our Doggie Day Care program is all about keeping your dog exercised and mentally stimulated. At Advantage Pet Center, our day care dogs have fun!

What are your dogs trying to tell you with their barking, digging, chewing and rowdiness? They’re saying, “If you take us to Advantage Pet Center, we will come home tired, calm and happy!” With our five play yards and our experienced staff, your dog will have no problem finding the perfect playmates.

With the five separate play yards, we are able to form multiple customized playgroups based on the individual temperament and size of each dog.

Large Dogs have a over 1/2 acre of Play Area

The large dog play area is big enough so that the large active dogs can really get going with hard full-on gallops! The largest play yard has trees for shade, a mound of clean fill dirt for digging, and lots of open grass areas for running, sniffing and wrestling. Having the room to really RUN is exceedingly important for the health and well being of young, active large dogs.

The large dogs have a wading pool with a waterfall. Again, because the pool is relatively shallow (about 18 inches deep) and with sloping sides, the pool is very safe. The waterfall is an added attraction, as the dogs love to bite at the water coming down and have it splash all over them!

Small Dogs are Separated from the Larger Dogs

For safety and because of differences in play styles and temperaments, we keep the small dogs separate from the larger dogs. The little guys have their own separate play yards. At APC, you never have to worry that your small dog will get accidentally stepped on by a 100-lb. Labrador.

The small dog play yards are filled with clean fresh play sand — it’s just like being at the beach! The dogs love to run and dig in this nice soft surface. As they are not constantly running and playing on concrete, their joints stay much healthier. We have wading pools that are very fun — and safe — as the water is only 6 to 8 inches deep. The little guys can play around in the water in complete safety. Click here to see photos.