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Pet Grooming – Ours is Second to None!

The Royal Treatment for Your Princes & Princesses!

Our first priority is the well-being of your dogs and cats. In our grooming shop, we treat all the animals gently and with respect. We talk to them, reassure the nervous ones, and play with the rowdy ones. We want grooming to be a positive experience for your pet.

The Bath

We understand that proper bathing is paramount to a healthy pet. We use only premium, preservative free, dog and cat shampoos that are individually tailored to your pet’s skin and coat needs:

Before bathing and grooming, we analyze your dog’s skin and coat, and then we use the best shampoo or combination of shampoos for your pet’s skin and coat. If your veterinarian has prescribed a shampoo – bring it – we will use it and meticulously follow your vet’s bathing instructions.

Our baths will leave your dog wonderfully clean and smelling great. We will make their coats soft and huggable.

The Clip

In addition to grooming your dog for health, we also want your furry children to be BEAUTIFUL (or at least CUTE and ADORABLE). The clips that we do are based upon what YOU want for your dog to look like, and what is best for your dog’s personality and skin sensitivity. Our groomers are perfectionists; when your pets leave our grooming shop, every hair will be in place and you will be proud of the way they look!!!

The Extra Touches

We also provide additional services that cater to your special requirements:

We Also Groom Cats

We groom more than just dogs. If your cat or other furry companion is in need of a little TLC, just give us a call and let us explore what pampering is in order to keep them happy and healthy.

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