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Small Dog Boarding - Luxurious Suites & Tons of Playtime!

Pampered and Sheltered – Separated from the Big Dogs

Small dogs board in luxury. Their rooms are all spacious and air-conditioned, with cozy, cushy beds. We have two large play yards, devoted exclusively to small dogs. One of them even has a flagstone swimming pool.

The small dogs are kept in areas totally separated from the larger dogs.
Generally, small dogs have very different mentalities than large dogs, and our small dog facilities respect and cater to these differences. The runs are all indoors, and the dogs are rotated in and out constantly throughout the day.

We categorize the little guys based on their age, health and personalities, and put them in play groups based on their similarities. For example, the young playful dogs all go out together, the older, sedate dogs go together. And dogs that don’t get along with others play by themselves. Click here to see photos.

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