Top 5 Best Pets for People With Allergies

Just because you have allergies, it doesn’t mean you can’t live life with a furry (or hairless) companion. In fact, did you know that pet hair itself is not an allergen? Dander, urine, and saliva are the main causes of pet allergies, and they can be carried on pet hair (where dust and pollen can also catch a ride!). The bad news is that while some types of animals cause less of a reaction than others, no pet is truly hypoallergenic. By carefully choosing your pet and taking steps to clean and filter your air, your pet and itchy eyes don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Here are the 5 best pets for people with allergies.

Standard Poodle

Standard poodles are appropriate for allergy sufferers because their hair has a long-growth cycle. This means they shed less. And because of their curly coat, the hair that sheds is held on… along with dander and other allergens. Poodles still need professional grooming, but frequent baths combined with their unique fur make them a good pet for those with allergies.

Sphynx Cats

Sphynx cats have no hair, and therefore are less likely to spread allergens around. This doesn’t mean they are completely free of allergens, remember that sneezes and itchy eyes are caused by a protein in saliva and other excretions.

Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dogs are recommended for those with allergies for a strange reason: they require so much coat maintenance that most allergens are washed out of their fur. If you are prepared for frequent grooming appointments, a Portuguese Water Dog might be for you.

Devon Rex Cat

If a hairless cat is a little too much for you, consider the Devon Rex. The Devon Rex has less hair than most cats so it doesn’t need to groom as often. Less grooming means less saliva, a big source of allergens.


If a cat or dog is too much for you, try another furry pet. Rabbits are a good choice for people who want a cuddly friend but can’t due to allergies. While rabbits have fur, they are often contained in a cage for most of the time. You may want to spend some time with rabbits, as some people can be allergic to bunnies.

If all else fails, a goldfish can be a pretty satisfying pet.