The Ultimate Gift Guide For Cat Lovers

We all know that one person who can’t resist petting every stray cat they see. These are the gifts for them. Or maybe the person you’re buying a gift for is yourself. Either way, get out your wallet and get ready to make some cute purchases.

Cue the aww’s.

Happy Kitty Mug

$13.98 for a set of 2, World Market

Start the day with a coffee in this cat mug for a purrfect morning. It comes in a set of two so you can enjoy it with the other cat person in your life.

Cat Ears Ring

$26, Etsy

Keep a little reminder of kittens wherever you go. This dainty gold ring sends of a subtle bat signal–cat signal–that calls all the cats to you (not really, but we wish).

Cat Sweater

$28, Human

Tell people how you really feel. Also available in tees, tanks and baby one-pieces.

Cat Cave

$75, Uncommon Goods

Not only is this little cat hideaway absolutely adorable, your cat will love it too! This handmade and high quality cat cave will look fun and quirky in your living room and your cat will appreciate a place to hide out in.

Custom Cat Illustration

$180, Uncommon Goods

Put a pretty kitty on the wall. With a custom portrait, your cat will feel like the king or queen they believe themselves to be anyway.

Cat Themed Makeup

$43, ASOS

This blush from Paul & Joe comes in a container covered in cats with cat shaped pieces of makeup inside! You’ll be glowing and rosy like you just saw a cat.

Cat Hoodie Pouch

$101, Japan Trend Shop

This hoodie has it all. The hood has little cat ears and the hands have paws, but that’s not even the cool part. The hoodie also has a pouch so you can care for your kitten like a Kangaroo mama! Keep your kitty busy with the attached toy.

Embroidered Wall Decor

$16, Etsy

This embroidered decoration will look cute on the walls of any home.

Wooden Ring Dishes

$22, Etsy

These wooden catchall dishes can store little knickknacks or rings, or just look cute on the table!